2-Feb. Supply and Demand of Health Care ProvidersResourcesDiscussion Participation Scoring Guide.APA Format Guidelines.Explain why there is an oversupply of two of the following specialties.Orthopedic surgeons.Cardiologists.Radiologists.Anesthesiologists.Explain why there an undersupply of one of the following three specialties.Primary care physicians.Nurses.Pharmacists.To get credit for your post, be sure to address two oversupply specialties and one undersupply specialty, in detail. For a good grade in this discussion post, be clear and concise.Response GuidelinesRespond to any two of your peers. Propose solutions to the oversupply and undersupply of the specialties that your peers mentioned. In order to receive credit for your response, be detailed.Respond to this question using available resources from your text and the Internet. Make sure to include the source citations and references for any outside sources used. This reply should be in approximately 250?400 words and in APA format.



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