2 page Anthropology Paper

2 page Anthropology Paper. Short writing assignmentThe short writing article that I chose to review and write about is called ?Gershon- Facebook and relationships ?The PDF file for that article can be found online by searching ?Gershon- Facebook and relationships? by GershonÿThe instructions also require 3 specific references to other materials throughout the course. The material from the course can be found online as well. . Search online for the following.. ?small places, large issues PDF? by Erikson?young mens talk and the construction of heterosexual masculinity PDF? by Deborah Cameron?Language Policy and Identity Politics in the United States? by Schmidt PDF?Do NOT conduct outside research for this assignment–ÿgrading will be based on the way you can use the assigned course materials, so it will both be needlessly time-consuming and ÿnot all that helpful in meeting the assignment requirements.ÿÿFor your reference, those guidelines are here:This short assignment is meant to be an applied synthesis of linguistic anthropology themes in the context of an academic text.ÿwrite aÿ2ÿpage essayÿreflecting uponÿtwo of the following themes, usingÿexamples from both your chosen article/chapterÿand at leastÿthree specific (cited) references to other textsÿfrom above.ÿÿÿPossible themes: please pick 2 of these themes below to write about and refer to throughout your structure/expressions of social valuesnegotiation andÿexpression of identity categoriesdynamics of empowerment or marginalizationÿYour write up should include the following elements1. a short summary of what your chosen article is about 2. a detailed discussion of the themes you have chosen 3. appropriate introduction/conclusion to connect the text to your overarching argument.ÿGrading will be based upon your ability to address the listed elements above– particularly the connections to other course texts– as well as for the clarity of your arguments/writing.ÿ Appropriate academic tone and referencing are also expected in this writing assignment, though the style can be less formal than the paper assignments.

2 page Anthropology Paper


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