20 pages needed in 48 hours

20 pages needed in 48 hours. Topic :Study of the impact of FDI on GDP growth rate of United States keeping the effect of interest rate, final consumption expenditure, and exports of goods and services constant.ÿTypically, you need at least 30 data points (for ex. you will need at least 30 consecutive days of data, or 30 months of data, or 30 years of data, or data of any frequency, as long as you have at least 30 data points. Then you have to tell me what ÿrelationship you are trying to prove or disprove with your data analysis. To give you an example, if you are trying to say that more trade will cause unemployment to decrease, then you have to collect data on trade (can be volume of trade or trade deficits etc) and unemployment rates over the past 30 years (you can use yearly or monthly data in this regard). Then run a regression between the two variables and see if the slope coefficient is statistically significant. Or you can plot the 2 variables and see if there is a relationship between the two.Or compute the correleation coefficient between the two. I leave the choice of statistical analysis to you but you have to apply your critical thinking process.The report should include a detailed analysis with graphs.REQUIREMENTS:At leastÿ20ÿpages, typed (includes executive summary, body, appendix, references, tables etc), Times Roman Font 12, 1.5 line spacing, 1? margins on all sides, Free of grammatical and typographical errors.RESEARCH PAPER SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS:You must submit the paper into score on the turn it report in terms of originality must be more than 80 %, that is, more than 80 % of your paper must be in your own words, and not quotes, or someone else?s wordsA suggestion – You can take up 30 years of data on this from the world Bank site from 1985-2015

20 pages needed in 48 hours


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