4-2 MILESTONE. Reading and ResourcesTextbook: Crime Without Borders: An Introduction to International Criminal Justice, Chapter IV This chapter describes how international criminal law can cross borders into domestic courts in different countries and the challenges of distinguishing between domestic laws and international laws. Article: Alexey Ivanov and Vasiliy Gorshkov: Russian Hacker RouletteWhen reading this article, students should keep in mind that these events occurred before the Patriot Act. Students should form their discussion post in accordance to the time period.4-1 Discussion: United States Cyber StingClick the above link to access the discussion board area. Each week’s discussion prompt will become available upon that module’s start date.4-2 Final Project Milestone Three: Draft of International Agencies and Law (Section III)Review the case you have chosen for your final project. Summarize the location and role of each international law enforcement agency involved in the case. Address the following questions in bullet point format.Identify the laws regarding case-specific violations in the country where the person of interest was or is currently residing. How did these laws aid in the investigation or apprehension of the criminal?Were there any political factors that influenced the facilitation of the crime? Provide a brief explanation.Determine the ability level of the law enforcement agency to effectively mitigate these types of crimes. Provide evidence to support your claim.How did each law enforcement organization aid in the investigation? What were their limitations?Was U.S. law facilitated in all agencies related to this case?Does the United States reciprocate their laws? Use examples to illustrate the extent of reciprocity.Was there a cooperative relationship between the United States and international law enforcement agencies, and is this cooperation still ongoing?How did the United States cooperate with the international organizations in this case?In general, explain how the United States aids foreign organizations in apprehending and enforcing justice. Use examples to demonstrate the United States? cooperation. Why is it necessary to coordinate and cooperate with international agenciesbullet answer, APAÿ CIT



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