5 Differentiated Lesson Plans

5 Differentiated Lesson Plans. THIS IS MASTERS LEVEL WORK AND IS VERY IMPORTANT!! DO NOT TAKE THIS WORK IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THE WORK !FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS1) Write 5 lesson plans that include instructional strategies for differentiating instruction. 2) Identify how they will differentiate instruction within the context of their unit. 3) Delineate how they will differentiate content, process and products based on the student characteristics of an inclusive general education classroom that includes students with disabilities, students who are English Language learners (ELL), students who come from impoverished families and students who are not literate in reading and mathematics. 4) Include one well-defined cooperative learning activity in one of your lesson plans.Be sure to use the UbD framework when creating the lesson plans.ÿUse the provided lesson plan template to plan your unit lessons.

5 Differentiated Lesson Plans


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