6-8 PowerPoint slides unit 1 ip

6-8 PowerPoint slides unit 1 ip. Assignment DescriptionPlease note that you are required to support your views by citing your sources in all assignments. Even if the question asks for your opinion, you are still expected to support your opinion with references to published works and other materials. APA Format is necessary for your assignments when citing references, and assistance on how to do so is available using the APA Citation Center.Choose Library from the top navigation bar.Choose APA Citation Center from the left navigation bar.Click Example Sources.Scroll down and click APA Documentation.For more information on citing your sources, please click on “About this Course” link in the classroom.Select a country different from your own, and prepare a presentation for a group of your colleagues to familiarize them with that country?s criminal justice system. Using newspapers, magazines, or the Internet, create a 6?8 slide PowerPoint presentation (including speakers notes) answering the following questions:How is the system in the country you have chosen different from that of the U.S. system?What are the similarities and/or differences historically and politically?How do the cultural aspects of that country influence its system?

6-8 PowerPoint slides unit 1 ip


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