7pgs. Consider the following scenario:You have decided that you would like to formally start an entrepreneurial business.ÿTo ensure the success of your business, you will produce a business plan.ÿThe plan will assess, compare and contrast alternative schools of thought, cultural and political differences which impact the application of management activities within the broad notion of entrepreneurship. The plan that you submit should contain at least the following components:Title pageTable of contentsExecutive summary (Abstract)Business descriptionDefinition of the marketDescription of proposed products or servicesOrganization and management descriptionsMarketing strategyFinancial managementReferences Page to align with internal citationsAppendixes.Your final submission should include all of the components described and should be submitted in anÿ8?10 page APA Word document. Use the class resources and research the Internet to help you in creating the plan.ÿThe links to Web resources provided in the unit material will also help you get a clearer picture of what is included in the business plan and what a finished business plan might look like.ÿThe business plan should be researched and professionally written with all the components listed in the assignment description.ÿGrammar, spelling, punctuation, and format are correct and professional. All sources should be cited and referenced using APA format.



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