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A-Plus Writer ONLY!!!!!!!!! (AH531 W6). Discussion 1Break-even AnalysisSure Care Health Maintenance Organization is seeking a managed care contract with a local manufacturing plant.Sure Care estimates that the cost of providing preventative and curative care for the 300 employees and their families will be $36,000 per month.The manufacturing company offered Sure Care a premium bid of $200 per employee per month.If Sure Care accepts this bid and contracts with the manufacturing firm, will Sure Care earn a profit or loss for the year? How much?Describe the steps you used to solve this question.150 wordsDiscussion 2Minimizing Errors in ProjectionsBreak even analysis utilizes both current and projected figures. In a rapidly changing economy, there are many individuals who are finding that their initial break-even analyses were incorrect.In your opinion, what could be done to minimize errors in projections?150 words

A-Plus Writer ONLY!!!!!!!!! (AH531 W6)


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