Accounting paper with Two Excel Problems

Accounting paper with Two Excel Problems. Below is the accounting paper and the excel problems are attached:Review Whole Foods Market, Inc?s 2010 Annual report, company information and investor information(see the link:ÿWhole Foods Market, Inc. Investor Relations- write a 5-7 page paper following APA guidelines which addresses the following:Summarize the company?s financial performance for 2010. Do you think they satisfied stockholder expectations? Why or why not?Explain three business risks or threats that might threaten Whole Foods ability to accomplish their financial goals for the next 3 years. Use examples and references to support your response.Describe three examples of control activities Whole Foods Market, Inc. could use to minimize these risks.What is your overall impression of Whole Foods Market, Inc.?s annual report? Is it a financial accounting document or a managerial accounting document? Who is the target audience? Did the annual report present a positive or negative image of the company? Provide support for your responses.Only agree to handshake if you can delivery on time.Thank you

Accounting paper with Two Excel Problems


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