Adjustment Data:

Adjustment Data:. Using the same data in the Unit 3 individual project. Perform the steps below to complete the assignment.Adjustment Data:One month’s insurance coverage has expired.The company occupied the office space for the month of December.At the end of the month, $600 of office supplies are still available.Create journal entries to record the transactions that occurred during the month of December. (Completed in Unit 3)Prepare an unadjusted trial balance (Completed in Unit 3)Create adjusting journal entries at the end of the year, December 31 based on the adjustment data.ÿPrepare an adjusted trial balance.ÿPrepare an income statement, statement of stockholders’ equity, and classified balance sheet.ÿCreate closing journal entries to close all temporary accounts.ÿPrepare post-closing trial balance.ÿIn addition, answer TWO of the questions below in 1-2 fully developed paragraphs.ÿ A fully developed paragraph should have a major point with 3 to 5 support sentences.ÿ One or two sentences is not acceptable or does not discuss the question.ÿ Be sure to show what you know!!!ÿTrap Adventures, Inc. is looking for an accountant.ÿ In your own words, explain to Trap’s hiring team the role of accountant and accounting within business.ÿ Provide examples of the expectations of the accountant.ÿDiscuss the financial position of Trap Adventures, Inc using the following ratios:ÿÿCurrent ratioÿReturn on equity: For each ratio, provide the calculation and an explanation of the meaning.ÿ Is this a positive or negative result for the Trap Adventures, Inc.?Using Trap Adventures, Inc.’s income statement, evaluate the operations for the month of December.ÿ Complete a common-size income statement using sales as the base number.ÿ What is the largest percentage?ÿ What is the smallest percentage?ÿ What recommendations could be made to increase Trap’s net income?ÿCurrently, Trap Adventures, Inc. does not own any loans or bank notes (long-term liabilities).ÿ What would happen if Trap decides to obtain a bank loan for $25,000 to fund daily operations?ÿ How would this transaction impact the financial statements – which accounts would be affected?ÿ What is the debt to equity ratio?ÿ What does the debt to equity ratio represent?

Adjustment Data:


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