Adolescents should NOT make health care decisions

Adolescents should NOT make health care decisions. As its name suggests, a position paper is an essay in which the author takes and supports a position on an issue. The same values and practices that apply to oral debate (e.g., logical reasoning, appropriate evidence, and collegial tone) also apply to position papers. The point is not to attack others; the point is to lay out thoughtful, compelling reasons for a course of action.Youÿmustÿstay with the same bioethical issue that your group orally debated, but youÿdo notÿneed to argue on the same side that you were assigned for that debate. In fact, it can be fun and enlightening to argue the opposite side.FormatApproximately 3-4 pages; double-spaced; 12-point Times New Roman fontA clear organizational structure (position statement; preview of key arguments; 2-3 supporting points; summary and conclusion) with paragraph structures, topic sentences, and transitions that guide the reader alongEach supporting point is backed by at least one piece of evidence, including published research, government databases (like, or credible web resourcesSupporting evidence is properly cited in text and in listed in a References section at the end of the paper (use Vancouver citation format)

Adolescents should NOT make health care decisions


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