advert. Go toÿ, which is a website that portrays advertisements from China.ÿ Choose one advertisement to analyze.ÿ Compare it to a similar ad created in the United States.ÿ Answer the following questions:What are some differences you see in the advertisement?What does the advertisement say about the cultural values in the country it is from?What message is the advertisement sending about a particular product or company?Does the advertisement require an explanation for our understanding?Would this particular advertisement be effective if shown in the United States?ÿI do expect your answers to be grammatically correct.ÿ Your opinions should be part of this response, but you also need to incorporate information from the reading as well as outside sources.ÿ You should have aÿminimum of 2 sources, please remember to put your sources in proper APA format using both in-text citations as well as a reference page at the end.Please do not just list the question and then list the response.ÿ I would like to see the questions incorporated within your answers in a well written short essay.ÿÿRefer to the following rubric:Rubric:Exercise answered correctlyÿÿÿ 50 pts.Written in Essay Format using proper grammarÿ 25 pts.Referred to concepts from the textÿ 25 pts.NO PLAGIARISM, MINIMUM 300 WORDS



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