African American studies HW

African American studies HW. Hello, I need one page and half of writing about this article for African American Class. Read the details carefully, becuase It should be following all this details. Then start writing about it. Please No copy orÿplagiarism. It must be done in 4 hours.Here is the link for the aricle I chose it.( )Provide the information below in 12 font size and Times New Roman font style. Type the responses on this sheet of paper and DO NOT submit a separate sheet.ÿDate:1. What topic did you select and why?2. Put the article or book in Chicago Manual Style as it should be in the Bibliography Section at the end of a paper (see me about this if you cannot figure it out on Purdue Owl Chicago Style or some other source). 3. What type of study is this or what discipline would this study fall under?4. What is the thesis or main argument of this study (the main argument is usually in the preface or introduction of a book, and in the beginning of an article)?5. Do you think the author supports the thesis well? Explain and support your answer with some evidence from your book or article.6. What is the purpose of the study (look for what the author says and not your opinion)?7. What is the significance or importance of this study (look for what the author says and not your opinion)?8. How many sources does the author use to complete this study? Count the number of sources in the Bibliography or References Section at the end of the article or book.9.Look up what a Primary Source is, then tell me how many sources you would categorize as a Primary Source?10. Look up what a Secondary Source is, then tell me how many sources you would categorize as a Secondary Source?11. Do you think there are any strengths to this study? Explain why or why not.12. Do you think there are any weaknesses to this study? Explain why or why not.13. In one to four sentences summarize this study. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR SENTENCES!Thank you

African American studies HW


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