Algorithm. In this weeks summary, the dispatch department has contacted you with a new problem. Once they receive a new order, they have to look for each product’s availability in the existing warehouses. The preference is to ship from the minimum amount of warehouses and to always ship from the warehouse that contains the maximum amount of units.For example, review the following order (number 10333) that was received by the dispatch department this morning:Product IDAmount0001100005120003300024Be sure to also review the following diagram that shows the warehouse and the list of available products:Warehouse 1Warehouse 2Warehouse 3Product 001103100Product 002076Product 003341Product 004444Product 005714The ideal shipment would be as follows:Product IDUnitsWarehouse00011010005711243000332000242Complete the following:What approach would you follow to create an algorithm to solve this particular problem? Brute force or greedy? Explain the logic that you follow for your choice.Present the algorithm either using pseudocode or a flowchart.Save your Word document as ?yourname_WK4.docx?. Click the ?Edit? button on this submission node to submit the saved document.Here are some tips if you have problems to submit your Word document:



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