All instruction is on the paper .Please read before doing the paper.

All instruction is on the paper .Please read before doing the paper.. For this discussion, assume the role of a non-physician who is trained in conducting clinical exercise testing. The following events happen on a sunny day in August: You receive a call from Jake, a personal trainer at XYZ Gym. Jake is with a client, Rose (age 26), who has decided to lose weight. She wants to start cardiorespiratory endurance training and take some group fitness classes at the gym. Rose?s goal is to work out five times per week for one hour each day to get in shape by December, as she is engaged to be married on New Year?s Eve. However, Rose has never exercised before; she has a BMI of 36 and a family history of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. She has not seen a practitioner for 10 years, and therefore, no other health-related data is available. Jake does not feel comfortable administering an exercise test on Rose and is therefore referring the client to you. Rose does not feel she should be testedas she feels fine. She has expressed her readiness to exercise and lose some excess weight.Given this scenario, address the following in your response:Analyze whether Rose should undergo clinical exercise testing. Support your decision with a clear rationale.ÿExplain your role and duties to Rose, as well as your recommendation for or against clinical exercise testing. Be convincing in your explanation so that Rose fully understands your recommendations and rationale.ÿAssess Rose?s potential risks and complications involved in exercising and/or exercise testing.Recommend a specific intensity and duration for daily exercise to Rose. State the rationale for your recommendation.ÿRecommend two specific dietary changes which may aid Rose in losing weight.Support your work with your course text and theÿSupervision of Exercise Testing by Nonphysiciansÿarticle. You may utilize additional resources, as desired. Your initial posting must be at least 250 to 300 words in length.

All instruction is on the paper .Please read before doing the paper.


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