AM6000 Discussion 3 and Review questions

AM6000 Discussion 3 and Review questions. Discussion 3: FAA ChangesGenerate a list of major change the FAA implemented in 1958. Compare & contrast the events leading up to this changeÿÿLp3 review questions:What are the six safety certificates the FAA issues?Name five items addressed during a part 121 audit.What are the four components of the Air Traffic Control system?What is CRM and what is it designed to do?Name five less visible NTSB accident investigation roles.LA6205 DISCUSSIONDiscussion 3: “Fair Use” of Copyrighted MaterialsGive examples of two circumstances where copyright infringement could occur at a for-profit higher education institution when it would be considered ?fair use? at a public or nonprofit institution. Then, propose a process for an instructor at a for-profit institution to obtain materials for use in the classroom so as to avoid copyright infringement.Your response must give definition of copyright and intellectual property and explain the factors determining what constitutes ?fair use? in an educational setting.Support your discussion with cited, credible sources. Cite your sources in proper APA format, using both in-text citations and reference entries.

AM6000 Discussion 3 and Review questions


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