ANNUAL REPORTS. Locate two annual reports on the Internet.ÿ A good source isÿReport Watchÿ. Compare the style of the two reports.ÿ Here are some questions to get you started:1.ÿ How do they use visuals to keep attention?2.ÿ What differences do you see in the letters from the CEOs?3.ÿ How do they present number-heavy information? Do they rely mainly on tables and graphs? Do they give prose summaries?4.ÿ Is the writing easy to understand?5. Do you see places where negative information is given a positive spin?6.ÿ Is one report easier to understand than the other? Why?7.ÿ Is one report more interesting than the other? Why?8.ÿ Is one report more convincing than the other? Why?ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN ESSAY APA FORMAT MINIMUM 650 WORDS, NO PLAGIARISM AND YOU MUST REFERENCE THE REPORTS USED IN-TEXT AND ON A REFERENCE PAGE.



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