Art history

Art history. Answer one paragraph for each questionÿ1-Comment on some of the similarities and/or differences between the Fang and Kota figures you studied in this module. ÿThis could be on their stylistic similarities, their social meaning and/or how people used them in their everyday lives.2-Think about how the power between this world and the other is being depicted by the artist of the Nkisi figures in the link provided in the Module. ÿThis is the link form Dallas Museum of Art. ÿHere is the link again, make sure to copy and paste it to your browser if it doesn’t open here: Tragedy HitsPlease reflect on how African people faced, learned and practiced overcoming harshness in their societies. ÿThis could be on the Bush spirits and the Baule people ÿor you can comment on the ways by which slaves fought against the oppressors as discussed in the British Museum link. ÿMake sure you use the examples you studied this week. ÿThere is no need to do extra research for this discussion.

Art history


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