art homework

art homework. This is a case study to help you discover connections between the appreciation of art and the workplace.Part 1The chief executive officer (CEO) of a pharmaceuticals company wants to invest in art for the new company headquarters. Taking on the role of an art curator you will recommend THREE (3) works of art for the new location.Review the following information in preparation for your work on the project:Company Profile and Project OverviewPart 2Prepare a professional report. Make sure the report meets the criteria outlined in the Company Profile and Project Overview from Part 1. Choose from paintings, sculpture, and photography.ÿVisit Auction House 1, Auction House 2, professional galleries or other internet sites that offer corporate art for sale.ÿInclude the following in the report:For each work of art, create a paragraph that includes the following:The artist’s name The title of the work A brief biography of the artist The techniques and media used Cost of the art work. (Keep in mind that the budget allows for approximately $200,000 per art work.)What security considerations would you recommend?ÿHow do the characteristics and style fit the organization and environment?ÿWhat are the benefits to a corporation for investing in art? Why might employees be interested in them?ÿÿPrepare your response as a report to the VP, using Word. Include photos of the recommended pieces of art. Be sure to include citations and references as needed, although it is not necessary to format this as an APA document.ReferencesChristie’s. (n.d.). Retrieved from’s. (n.d.). Retrieved from

art homework


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