Assignment 2Conflict Management

Assignment 2Conflict Management. Assignment 2: Negotiation, Ethics and Effective LeadershipThe purpose of this assignment is to examine the relationship between negotiation, ethics, and effective leadership.Use the Argosy University online resources or other credible sources on the Internet to locate and explore examples of President Obama?s negotiation and leadership skills with Iranian leaders in 2009. Evaluate how effective or ineffective his skills are in regard to U.S. relations with Iran and complete the following tasks:Explore the role of deception and ethics in negotiation. Cite at least two examples of possible deception in the President Obama and Iranian leaders? negotiation.Discuss the effectiveness of President Obama?s negotiation tactics and explain how interests, goals, power and style impact the negotiation skills of a leader.Describe and explain at least two tactics such as threats, ultimatums, bullying, blocking etc. which may have been used to derail the negotiation between the President and Iranian leaders.Describe which rules of negotiation may have been broken during these negotiations. Use examples to support your response.Discuss at least two strategies or actions which could have been adopted by the President to improve these negotiations.ÿ Justify your response.Complete a 4- to 5 page research essay in Word format, citing at least three credible sources of information. Apply current APA standards for writing style to your work.

Assignment 2Conflict Management


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