Assignment: Program Evaluation: Strengths and Limitations

Assignment: Program Evaluation: Strengths and Limitations. As a human services administrator, you need to determine which program evaluations are most useful. Much depends on the type of organization and the nature of the services being evaluated. Perhaps you need to know if a program is working efficiently or reaching its intended target community. You might consider using a program evaluation to plan for the future of an organization.Not all program evaluations are equal. Some identify problems in the organization that require attention, while others may fail to provide useful information. It is important to note strengths and limitations of program evaluations so that you might select the evaluations that are most useful.For this Assignment, select one of the program evaluations samples from the list provided in this week?s Resources and consider its strengths and limitations. You will create a short presentation (7?10 slides) on the strengths and weaknesses. As a Walden student, you have a Google email account (Gmail) and access to Google tools. You can find the tools when you log into your account. For this presentation, you can use Google Slides or PowerPoint. If you are new toÿGoogle Slides, you can find resources in this week?s Learning Resources to get you started.In a 7- to 10-slide presentation, you should provide:A description of the program evaluation you selected.A chart with two sides: strengths and limitations, using the subtitles integrity, reliability, validityAn analysis of the strengths and limitations that aligns with your chart, including why you identified themA reference page in APA format with 3?5 resources you used to develop your presentation, including at least two from this week?s resourcesSupport your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources,ÿincludingÿthose in the Learning Resources for this course. You should include in your referencesÿat least twoÿresources included in this week?s resources andÿat least oneÿoutside scholarly resource

Assignment: Program Evaluation: Strengths and Limitations


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