Basics of Dependency UNIT 1 IP

Basics of Dependency UNIT 1 IP. 6 TO 9 PAGESLibrary Research ProjectYou have been asked by your agency to write a report on screening and treating potential clients for addictions.Research screening tools and therapeutic interventions that are relevant to clients with particular characteristics such as gender, age, disabilities, culture, and physical handicaps.Present a perspective of your choosing.Explain how you believe these types of clients will benefit from the interventions you chose along with any potential drawbacks you may need to overcome.Conclude with how you will engage these clients in treatment from screening to the first therapeutic intervention.Your report should include the following:Title page Abstract Introduction to the characteristics you are presenting (1 page) Content questions answered (4?6 pages) Conclusion (1?2 pages) References, including at least 2 scholarly sources dated within the last year

Basics of Dependency UNIT 1 IP


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