BIS 320 Final Exam July 2017 Version

BIS 320 Final Exam July 2017 Version. 1. A major criterion in deciding the most important perspectives of a business problem is:usefulnessimplementationorganizational needschange management2. Which of the following can force a business and its competitors to compete on price alone?Transparent marketplacePoor process efficiencyHigh product differentiationDemand control3. Software used to apply the computer to a specific task for an end user is called:data management softwarenetwork softwaresystem softwareapplication software4. To show each level of a system?s design, its relationship to other levels, and its place in the overall design structure, structured methodologies use:process specificationshigh-level data flow diagramsstructured diagramslow-level data flow diagrams5. The most basic business database is comprised of:five tables: for customers, employees, suppliers, parts, and salesfour tables: for customers, suppliers, sales, and employeesfour tables: for customers, suppliers, parts, and salesthree tables: for suppliers, parts, and sales6. In order to achieve maximum benefit from an enterprise software package, a business:selects only the software that best matches its existing business processesuses only the processes in the software that match its own processeschanges the way it works to match the software?s business processescustomizes the software to match all of its business processes7. The method of slicing digital messages into parcels, transmitting them along different communication paths, and reassembling them at their destinations is called:multiplexingpacket switchingATMpacket routing8. What are the relationships that the relational database is named for?Relationships between fields and recordsRelationships between databasesRelationships between entitiesRelationships between rows and columns9. In the information age, the obligations that individuals and organizations have concerning rights to intellectual property fall within the moral dimension of:accountability and controlsystem qualityinformation rights and obligationsproperty rights and obligations10. Which of the following is one of the five steps discussed in the chapter as a process for analyzing an ethical issue?Identify the options you cannot reasonably take.Assign responsibility.Identify the prime dependents.Identify and clearly describe the facts.11. The process of employing techniques to help a Web site achieve a higher ranking with the major search engines is called:SEMSEOVPNIAB12. Which of the following collaboration tools would be appropriate for participants in separate locations who need to collaborate synchronously?Team RoomElectronic meeting softwareGroup calendarBlog13. In a(n) ________ computing model, companies use their own infrastructure for essential computing tasks and adopt public cloud computing for less critical operations or additional processing during peak business periods.quantumscalablehybrid cloudAutonomic14. Microsoft? Excel? is an example of:data management softwareword processing softwarepresentation graphicsspreadsheet software15. Virtualization:allows smartphones to run full-fledged operating systems.has enabled microprocessor manufacturers to reduce the size of transistors to the width of an atom.can boost server utilization rates to 70% or higher.allows one operating system to manage several physical machines.16. Microsoft Word is an example of:open-source softwareword-processing softwaresoftware productivity suitedata management software17. What is the most important benefit of an enterprise application?Enabling speed of communicatingEnabling cost-effective, e-business processesEnabling a company to work collaboratively with customers and suppliersEnabling business functions and departments to share information18. The oldest method for building information systems is:the systems development lifecycleprototypingcomponent-based developmentobject-oriented development19. A VPN:is an encrypted private network configured within a public networkis an Internet-based service for delivering voice communicationsprovides secure, encrypted communications using Telnetis more expensive than a dedicated network20. In choosing the best solution for a business problem, one of the most important considerations is:change managementexisting resources and skillsoutcome measurementemployee training21. Supply chain ________ systems manage the flow of products through distribution centers and warehouses to ensure that products are delivered to the right locations in the most efficient manner.executiondeliveryplanningdemand22. Which of the following statements about the Internet security is true?The use of P2P networks cannot expose a corporate computer to outsiders.VoIP is more secure than the switched voice network.A corporate network with access to the Internet is more secure than one that provides access.Instant messaging can provide hackers access to an otherwise secure network.23. Which of the following statements is true about cloud computing?It consists of three types of services: cloud infrastructure, cloud platform, and cloud software.It removes the concern about data and systems security for businesses.It prevents smaller firms to use resources previously affordable.It relies on the help desk as the method for delivering services to users.24. The act of engaging consumers in a dialog that dynamically adjusts the experience to the individual describes which dimension of e-commerce technology?RichnessInteractivityUbiquityPersonalization/customization25. An independent computer program that copies itself from one computer to another over a network is called a:Trojan HorsePestWormBug26. Microsoft? PowerPoint? is an example of which type of software that provides more control over text and graphic placement in the layout of a page than word processing software?presentation graphicsword processing softwaredata management softwarespreadsheet software27. Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective PowerPoint? Presentation slide?Multiple complete sentences filling the slide with textThree to five bullets per slide summarizing key points for the presenterExtensive animation and sound effectsEmbedded tables with fonts less than 12pt.28. Which type of network would be most appropriate for a business comprised of three employees and a manager located in the same office space, whose primary need is to share documents?peer-to-peer networkPANcampus area networkdomain-based LAN29. The most successful solutions or methods for achieving a business objective are called:best processescore processesbenchmarksbest practices30. Specific security challenges that threaten corporate servers in a client/server environment include:unauthorized access; errors; spywaretapping; sniffing; message alteration; radiationtheft, copying, alteration of data; hardware or software failurehacking; vandalism; denial of service attacks

BIS 320 Final Exam July 2017 Version


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