BUS 365 M1A3 Dropbox

BUS 365 M1A3 Dropbox. Assignment 3: Presale and Post-Sale FlowsRC Productions, Inc., a manufacturer of high-end remote control airplanes, has asked you to assist them with their channel flow. ÿÿThese types of high-end remote control airplanes require engine servicing and the availability of spare parts that users are most likely to purchase after the initial product purchase.ÿManagement wants you to make a presentation to help them better understand channel flows and how best to provide for and manage channel flows.Prepare a report that responds to the following:Describe presale flows for the client?s products.Describe post-sale flows for the client?s products.Explain the benefits of developing separate flows for one product.Describe how to create a list of channel flows that fits the particular channel?s nature and functions.Write your response in a 3-5 page report in MS Word format. ÿApply APA standards for writing style to your work.

BUS 365 M1A3 Dropbox


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