BUS 499 M1A3 Dropbox

BUS 499 M1A3 Dropbox. Harley-Davidson: Business Overview for New Planning Team Members As a member of Harley-Davidson’s strategic planning team, you have been asked to create a five- to six-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation titled “Harley-Davidson Today: A Brief Overview of the Business” to orient members who have been newly added to the strategic planning team.The PowerPoint presentation should include at a minimum the following:The CEO’s vision and overview of 2009 performanceThe organizational structure and management teamA brief description of each of the brands/business units and the products and services offeredKey corporate goals and objectives such as new products, new markets, and new customersTotal Revenues in 2009 and Net Profit in 2009

BUS 499 M1A3 Dropbox


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