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Business Assistance. Mind Your BusinessÿÿCOMPETENCIES TO MASTERCan use logic, reasoning and analysis to address a business problemCan locate and use information in basic business documents, such as manuals and reportsCan use a spreadsheet to perform a variety of calculationsCan write a business memoCan use appropriate language, tone and word choice for the target audienceCan generate a variety of approaches to addressing a problemOverviewYou work for Winnie Widget, the president of Acme Widget Company. Acme is a small but growing company that has 26 current employees. The company is housed in an old factory building with several other small- and medium-sized companies. The area around Acme is very industrial and there are not many places to eat nearby. A number of employees have asked Ms. Widget to install vending machines in the office. Ms. Widget wants to keep employees happy but also wants to keep costs low. She needs your help. She has asked you to analyze the situation using a spreadsheet and to write up a memo in which you present the options and make a recommendation.DirectionsPart 1: SpreadsheetBegin by consulting the relevant documents in the Project resources, including the employee survey and the brochures from two vending companies. Define the problem as precisely as you can and formulate the question you want to answer. Then, brainstorm possible solutions to the problem.Next, complete the Spreadsheet in the Project resources to guide your analysis of the problem and possible solutions. Your spreadsheet should include:the number of employees who want each machine.the average purchases per day for those who responded ?Yes.?the monthly costs to Acme for each option.the monthly cost for employees for each option.the total monthly cost (Acme cost + employee cost) for each option.Use the spreadsheet to perform the required calculations. Do not perform calculations yourself (on paper, with a calculator, etc.). Make sure to use the following formulas and functions at least once:SUMAVERAGEPRODUCT or multiplicationQUOTIENT or divisionCOUNTIF or COUNTAIFAfter you have finished the spreadsheet, answer the following questions, which are included at the bottom of the spreadsheet:Why is it useful to use formulas in this scenario?Which formula did you find most useful or hardest to use, and why?This spreadsheet will be submitted as one of two deliverables for this Project.Part 2: MemoFlesh out the details of your top three solutions that you think you will present in your memo. Note the advantages and drawbacks associated with each solution. Remember there are nonmonetary considerations as well. You can certainly use your own real-world knowledge in coming up with solutions, but be sure to work within the framework of the information provided.Analyze your top three solutions, and decide which one is best and the key reasons why. Then, write a business memo to Winnie Widget. Your memo should:briefly explain the situation.explain three feasible solutions.identify the best solution and explain why it is written in standard format (see the Business Memo Purpose and Format resource in the Project resources).use appropriate language for its purpose (see Audience and Purpose resource in the Project resource).be free of spelling and grammar mistakes.DELIVERABLESCompleted SpreadsheetAccepted File Types: .xls, .xlsxBusiness MemoAccepted File Types: .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, .txt, .pdfÿProject ResourcesThese are links to public external resources. Any comments or statements made on these public websites are not representative of College for America.SpreadsheetThis resource contains the Acme Widget Company Employee Survey Results. Review the spreadsheet, explore the remaining Project resources, then complete the spreadsheet. Submit it as a deliverable for this Project.VIEWÿADD TO LISTSuperior Sodas and More BrochureReview this resource, which contains the brochure for Superior Sodas and More.ÿVIEWÿADD TO LISTVendor Queen BruchureReview this resource, which contains the brochure for Vendor Queen.VIEWÿADD TO LISTCell References, Formulas and Functions in Google SpreadsheetsRead this document, which explains the formulas you will need to utilize in the spreadsheet for this Project.VIEWÿADD TO LISTBusiness Memo Purpose and FormatReview this document, which contains the purpose of a memo, as well as instructions for appropriate formatting.VIEWÿADD TO LISTCreating Simple Formulas in Google SpreadsheetWatch this video, which explains how to add, subtract, multiply and divide using Google Sheets.ÿNote: The formulas operate similarly in Excel.VIEWÿADD TO LISTCreating Complex Formulas in Google SpreadsheetsWatch this video, which explains how to perform more complex calculations that require more than one type of operation using Google Sheets.Note: The functions operate similarly in Excel.VIEWÿADD TO LISTAudience and PurposeRead this article, which describes the purpose of a memo and writing appropriately to an audience.VIEWÿADD TO LISTSample MemoReview this resource, which contains a sample business memo.VIEWÿADD TO LISTÿSkill-Building ResourcesThese are links to public external resources. Any comments or statements made on these public websites are not representative of College for America.CfA Citation GuideThis resource helps to explain how citations should be used in CfA Projects including formatting guidelines and where to get help.VIEWÿADD TO LISTGoal Question and Answer SessionsRead this document to learn how to join a live question and answer session about this Goal hosted by a College for America Goal Mentor.VIEWÿADD TO LISTIntroduction to Google Sheets: Video CollectionReview these videos for an introduction to using Google Sheets.ÿThis is a SNHU Library resource. Consult the SNHU Library Resource Guide in Project resources for instructions on how to access SNHU Library resources.VIEWÿADD TO LISTCell References, Formulas and Functions in Google SheetsRead this document, which explains how to use functions, formulas and cell references in Google Sheets.VIEWÿADD TO LISTSNHU Library Resource GuideUse this resource to learn how to access SNHU Library resources from within CfA projects.ÿVIEWÿADD TO LISTAPA Citation Question and Answer SessionsRead this document to learn how to join a live question and answer session about citing information in APA format hosted by a College for America Goal Mentor.VIEWÿADD TO LISTÿRubricThe Rubric is used to evaluate your Project. Satisfying all of the Rubric criteria shows that you have mastered the project and the relevant competencies.CriteriaMastery? ÿÿRelevant information from the business documents has been identified and entered correctly into the spreadsheetYesNot Yet ÿÿSpreadsheet uses all required formulas appropriately and cell references wherever possibleYesNot Yet ÿÿAll calculations are correct and use formulasYesNot Yet ÿÿMemo identifies problem accuratelyYesNot Yet ÿÿMemo contains an accurate analysis of the problemYesNot Yet ÿÿMemo includes three feasible solutions to the problemYesNot Yet ÿÿAnalysis of problem and possible solutions is supported with evidenceYesNot Yet ÿÿMemo follows standard business memo format, with an introduction, body and closingYesNot Yet ÿÿMemo uses appropriate language, tone and word choice for target audienceYesNot Yet ÿÿWriting is clear, with no major errorsYesNot Yet ÿÿAny sources of information are cited using APA format, with no major errorsYesNot Yet

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