Can this be done by 9 tonight

Can this be done by 9 tonight. Your project is to write a short work of fiction. Even if you don’t see yourself as a fiction writer, the fiction project will sharpen your skills for whatever kind of writing you do.During the next few weeks, you will be working on two tracks.Track A.ÿAs you can see from the following schedule, you will submit a special Fiction Project writing assignment each week.Track B.ÿAt the same time, each week, you will work separately on the rough draft of your short story.ÿYou don’t turn in your short story rough draft until Week 08.Each special Fiction Project exercise (Track A)ÿhelps you develop and strengthen a different aspect of your rough draft (Track B), until the story is complete. During Week 08, Tracks A and Bÿcome togetherÿwhen you submit the rough draft of your complete short story.Meanwhile, in a sort of third track, you will continue to write in your journal and practice different writing skills in the weekly exercises that will help strengthen your story as you work on it.Track A – Fiction Project Assignment Schedule

Can this be done by 9 tonight


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