Can u complete this assignment

Can u complete this assignment. The 1920s introduced many modern conveniences, such as the widespread use of the washing machine, and many modern ideas, such as buying on credit.Imagineÿyou are a newspaper reporter, magazine writer, or radio newsperson.Chooseÿone of the following topics for your news story:Red ScareSacco and VanzettiVolstead ActAl Capone19th Amendment to the ConstitutionScopes Monkey TrialKu Klux KlanBuying on creditBirth control clinicsFilms and celebritiesProfessional sports: baseball and boxingImmigration Act of 1924Writeÿa 700- to 1,050-word news story. If you choose the role of radio newsperson, you must write a broadcast script. The news story must address the following:Detailed description of the topic, and its significance to the timeImplications for American society in terms of economic, social, and cultural trendsChooseÿone of the following companies and write an advertisement for that company to accompany your news story:Ford Motor CompanyRCACoca-ColaSears, Roebuck & Co.General ElectricMaytagHallmark CardsHooverAmerican Tobacco Co.NabiscoFormatÿyour news story according to appropriate course levelÿAPAÿguidelines.

Can u complete this assignment


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