Case Study – Education

Case Study – Education. Read and analyze Case Study Level A, Case1 from the “Effective Room Arrangement” article located in the Reading & Study folder in Module/Week 2.For this case study, there are 3 possible strategies listed in the case:ÿ Minimizing Distractions, Maximizing Access, and Matching Room Arrangement to Lesson Purpose.ÿ In your paper, you will be utilizing the research presented in the accompanying Star Sheets (SS) as you explore the challenge presented in the case.To earn full credit, you should closely follow the rubric assigned to this case study.ÿ The rubric provides very specific guidelines for composing an ?A? paper and segments the content accordingly.Even though the Iris Center requests it in the assignment, you do not need to explain what type of classroom arrangement you would like in your own classroom; this will be addressed in your Final Project.ÿ Such discussion will not be considered for the grade your paper earns.Submit your answers as a Microsoft Word document and attach using the assignment link provided.Case Study 1 Grading Rubric

Case Study – Education


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