Case study H .R

Case study H .R. Assignment Number:ÿ1Case StudyA&B Public Ltd Company is well known for its welfare activities and employee orientated schemes in manufacturing industry for more than ten decades. Theÿcompany employs more than 1000workers and 225ÿadministrative staff and 150management level employees. The top levelÿmanagementviews all the employee at same level .This can ÿbeÿclearlyunderstood by seeing the uniform of the company which is same for all starting from MD to floorÿlevel workers. Thecompanyÿhave twoÿdifferentcafeteriasÿat twoÿdifferentplaces one near the plant for workers and other near theÿadministration building. Thoughtÿthe place isÿdifferentÿthe amenities,infrastructureand the food provided are of sameÿquality. Inshort theÿcompanyÿstands by the rule employee Equality.Theÿcompany has oneÿregistered trade union andÿthe relationship between the union and theÿmanagementÿis veryÿcordial. Theÿcompany has not lost aÿsingleman day due toÿstrike. Theÿcompany is not a payÿmaster inÿthatÿindustry. Thecompensation policy of thatÿcompanyÿ,when compared to otherÿsimilarcompaniesÿ,is very less still the employeesÿdon’tÿhaveÿmanygrievancesÿdue to otherÿbenefitsÿprovided by theÿcompany.But theÿcompanyÿis facing countable number ofÿproblemsÿin supplying the material in recent past days.Problemsÿlike quality issue ,mismatch in packing materials(placing material A)ÿin box of material B)ÿincorrectlabeling of material, not dispatching the material on time etc..The management viewthe case as there are loop holes in the system of variousÿdepartmentsÿand hand over theÿresponsibilityto HRÿdepartmentÿto solve theÿissue. Whenÿthe Hr manger goes through the issues he realized that theÿissuesÿare notÿrelatingÿto system but it relates to the employees.When investigated he come to know that the reason behind the casualÿapproachÿby employeein work isÿ?ÿTheÿcompanyÿhired new employee for higherÿlevelpost withoutÿconsideringÿtheÿpotential internal candidates.?ÿThe newly hired employees are placed with higher packages than that ofÿexistingÿemployee in the same cadre.Questions:Q1:ÿDiscussÿthe case with suitable title for the case. Justify yourÿtitle as well.Q2:The pointriseÿby the HR manager ÿfor the latest issue in theÿorganizationÿisÿjustifiableÿorÿnot. Supportÿyour answer with Human Resource related Concepts.Q3:Help theÿorganizationÿto come out from thisÿcriticalissue. Ifyou are in the role of HR manger what will be your immediate step to solve this case.Note:ÿWrite down in your own words on your own understanding about this case.ÿMinimum 1000 words

Case study H .R


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