CIS105 WEEK 4 DISCUSSION. COLLAPSEOverall Rating:1234512345″Let?s Get Organized!”ÿplease respond to the following:Musician, producer and record label owner Manny Fresh uses the Cloud to store his music tracks and other important files to help his business stay organized and get things done quickly and effectively. Share with your instructor and peers your thoughts on the following:Try one (1) online storage tool that you have never used before, such as Google Drive, Dropbox orÿNote:ÿSome of these services also offer priced options with additional storage capabilities, but just sign up for the free account for the purposes of this activity. If you prefer not to give out personal information to set up an online storage account, just do the rest of the activity on the desktop of the computer you are using for this course.Set up a file system using naming conventions and folder levels that make sense to you, and upload the documents, links to sites, etc. that you are using for this course to your new file system.Discuss what you have learned from this activity. How easy or difficult was this process? Do you think having files stored in the cloud can help you manage your files? Do you think you will continue to use this system in the future? Why or why not?Once you have posted your response, respond to at least one of your peers and share whether you have had similar or different experiences with this activity.



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