CJI 251 Week 5 Interactive Media Worksheet

CJI 251 Week 5 Interactive Media Worksheet. CJi Interactive Activities Worksheet ? Weekÿ5Completeÿthis worksheet usingÿonlyÿthe week 5ÿCJi Interactive activities.ÿTo insure correct answers and context, do not use general internet searches, dictionaries, or encyclopedias.ÿAlthough this is a worksheet, answers must be written using proper APA 6th edition formatting, i.e.ÿcomplete sentences,ÿindented paragraphs, double spacing between lines as well as proper capitalization, spelling, grammar and punctuation. It is not necessary to provide citation and reference information for your answers.Chapter 10: Sentencing > Simulation > Sentencing Score: ÿ____________ (score must also be emailed to instructor)1.Explainÿthe five criminal justice goals or sentencing philosophiesÿof deterrence, retribution, restoration, incapacitation, and rehabilitation.2.Explain the difference between probation, shock probation, incapacitation, and unusual sanctions.3.What is a pre-sentence report? Who usually files these reports and what questions do they attempt to answer?4.What is the difference between determinate and indeterminate sentencing? What are the benefits and problems with each type of sentencing method?5.What is the difference between a trial court and appellate court?ÿ6.What are the three types of appeals discussed in our CJi Chapter 10 material? Explain the differences betweenÿeach type of appeal.ÿ7.What is alternative sentencing, alternative to what? Identify and explain the various types of alternative sentences discussed in our material.i will pay 10.00 including the down payment charge. Only use the school textbook or the media that is provided.

CJI 251 Week 5 Interactive Media Worksheet


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