CJUS 350 #4 Replies

CJUS 350 #4 Replies. 1 day ago Michael Schaff DB #4 CollapseTop of Form1.ÿÿÿÿÿ What are your views on the idea of an unwritten code of conduct governing the behavior of police and corrections officers?While we all know that the unwritten code of conduct is alive and well in almost all public service jobs, it is much more important to decide where you stand when we have the power to impact someone?s live as a law enforcement officer. Are we to rat out every little thing we see someone do against an SOP to our superiors? As Wayne Duff stated in his presentation ?if we do we will have a miserable career.? It is hard to say that we will never turn a blind eye to certain behaviors, but I think more important is do we rat them out every time we see it done. I happen to believe that there are times when you have no choice but to push items up the chain. I also feel there are times when we can have a talk with our partners and influence them by just having a frank discussion. I have said to my partners on many occasions over 28 years, ?don?t put me in a position to have to do something I don?t want to do.? This allows you to stand your ground and puts the responsibility for doing the right thing back on the other party. 2.ÿÿÿÿÿ You are a police officer and you witness your partner of 6 years strike a criminal suspect who has been arrested and is secured in handcuffs. The actions of your partner are in violation of your department?s Use of Force policy. Your partner has already received punitive sanctions in the past for unwarranted use of force, and this incident may jeopardize his career. What would you do?Unfortunately, I have no choice but to document the action and push it up the chain. I would tell my partner that they have crossed the line and that I am writing the report to reflect his bad choice. In our readings in this course we read about the slippery slope theory. We can see that a pattern of misbehavior has already begun with this officer. With that being the case, the slippery slope theory states ?behaviors may quickly become increasingly worse? (Goodman D. 2013, p.12). I would not want that on my conscious and next time he killed someone.3.ÿÿÿÿÿ Please read Mark 10:42?45 and explain why it is important to be a servant leader.God has called us to be servants. We are to serve those around us and constantly be thinking of others first. This is honestly hard to do the more power and authority that we achieve in our jobs. 1 Peter 5:3 says ?Not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock? (ESV). This is what true leadership is about. Setting an example and only enforcing your authority when you are left no choice. This will also garner you respect among peers. 4. Dilemma:Read Scenario 1 (p. 39) in the Goodman textbook. How would you handle this situation?As hard as it would be I would pay for my coffee. What benefit would it serve to walk away and not pay because of peer pressure. If I do walk away that is the first test I was given by peers and I failed. If I walk away they then know that a bit of coercion can make me follow the crowd. If I walk up and pay, the worst thing that happens is they harass me for awhile and I get labeled a rule follower. The reward is grater than the punishment if we get caught accepting a free meal. Rules are meant to protect us. Doesn?t mean I must like it or agree but I must follow it. References:Goodman D. J., Enforcing Ethics: A Scenerio Based Workbook for Police Officers and Corrections Recruits and Officers, (Boston: Person 2013) p. 12Presentation: Wayne Duffy, The Power of Subculture, (Liberty University 2012) of Form34 minutes ago David Kalita DB4 CollapseTop of FormThe unwritten code of conduct I think is a thin line between the actor and the witness. I do not believe that an officer should be in that situation in the first place, but as an officer finding someone doing something that they are not suppose to be doing, the officer should give the one committing the wrong doing the opportunity to come clean before the problem is addressed on a bigger level. As the officer in the wrong I would hope that he or she would have the morels and ethics to come clean once realized that they are in a situation that they shouldnt be.ÿHaving a partner with these kind of incidents on his or her recored and commiting another act of brutal force is a hard situation to be in. I hope that I would beable to take my own views and put them through as I see them. I know that having a friend and partner for six years would be hard to inform higher ups of what had happened that day. I would inform my partner that he or she needs to come forward on what has happened and not let it come out in the light in a different way.ÿAccording to Mark 10:42-45 Jesus was talking to the crowds and was teaching them to be servants and do things for others but not them selves. Thoses who practice this kind of moral behavior will be rewarded and become great. This could mean that they may go farther in there career, or just as simple as just being looked at as a great person to whom people look to and want to be around.

CJUS 350 #4 Replies


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