Coastline bus150 M01-03 Quiz Chapter 1, 2 and 3 Quiz latest 2017

Coastline bus150 M01-03 Quiz Chapter 1, 2 and 3 Quiz latest 2017. QuestionQuestion 1A certain social networking corporation has the highest number of users in the social networking industry. This is an example of the firm’s:opportunity.strength.threat.constraint.Question 2Jenny has been appointed the marketing manager for Spark Cleaning Products. Her job focuses on decisions involving customer service, package design, brand names, and warranties. In this scenario, Jenny is closely associated with the _____ dimension of the marketing planning.product strategytarget marketresource valuation and pricingretailing and distributionQuestion 3The term marketing mix describes:a composite analysis of all environmental factors inside and outside the firm.a series of business decisions that aid in selling a product.the relationship between a firm’s marketing strengths and its business weaknesses.a blend of the four strategic marketing elements to satisfy specific target markets.Question 4_____ are used by the federal government to control extreme fluctuations in the business cycle that can lead to a depression.Stringent environmental policiesMonetary and fiscal policiesMergers and acquisitionsDeregulationQuestion 5Which of the following holds true when not-for-profit organizations are compared with for-profit organizations?Not-for-profit organizations often possess some degree of monopoly power in a given geographical area.A service user of a not-for-profit organization may have more control over the organization’s destiny than customers of a profit-seeking firm.Not-for-profit organizations tend to focus their marketing on just one public-their customers.Not-for-profit organizations depend on strategic alliances with for-profits to provide advertising and visibility.Question 6Indirect competition occurs among marketers of:products that satisfy different needs.products that can be easily substituted.similar products.products that belong to different categories.Question 7State bureaus of tourism and conventions typically engage in _____ marketing.organizationpersoncauseplaceQuestion 8Core competencies are capabilities that customers value and competitors:tend to overestimate.find difficult to duplicate.undervalue.can easily copy.Question 9Bell Weddings was the company that pioneered the wedding planning industry. The owners realized that customizing weddings to the wishes of the families, taking charge of the responsibilities, and creating a day that is memorable for clients was an incredible business venture. The case of Bell Weddings illustrates the value of _____.organizational vulnerabilitiesportfolio analysisthe first mover strategyoperating plansQuestion 10Which of the following is true of a company with strong market orientation?It assumes that customers will resist purchasing nonessential goods.It stresses on efficiency in producing a quality product, with the attitude toward marketing that “a good product will sell itself.”It has a focus on new-product development and the introduction of innovative products.It designs products with advantages and levels of quality compatible with its competitors.Question 11In which phase of U.S. government regulation were major laws such as the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Act, and the Federal Trade Commission Act passed to maintain a competitive environment?The phase aimed at protecting competitorsThe industry deregulation phaseThe antimonopoly periodThe consumer protection phaseQuestion 12Which of the following is a critical issue facing governmental agencies regarding ethics in marketing research?Personal sellingPlanned obsolescenceInvasion of personal privacyTruth in advertisingQuestion 13In SWOT analysis, situations where organizations are unable to capitalize on opportunities because of internal limitations are referred to as:strategic windows.threats.leverages.constraints.Question 14If an automobile manufacturer was planning to introduce a sports car powered by a hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell when the price of gasoline in the United States reached $4 per gallon, this would best be described as a direct result of its _____ plan.operationalstrategictacticalshort-termQuestion 15In a(n) _____, firms evaluate their products and divisions to determine the strongest and weakest.portfolio analysismarket analysisutilization analysisorganizational appraisal

Coastline bus150 M01-03 Quiz Chapter 1, 2 and 3 Quiz latest 2017


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