COM545 Module 4 Midterm Exam Latest 2017 (A+++++)

COM545 Module 4 Midterm Exam Latest 2017 (A+++++). Question 1 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following is NOT a mitigation best practice for online banking risks?Question 1 options:Site encryptionA shared computerAuthentication securityVirus scanningQuestion 2 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following are two of the most common online banking threats?Question 2 options:Spoofing and phishingSpoofing and ransomwarePersuasion and shoulder surfingPhishing and persuasionQuestion 3 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following is a means of authentication?Question 3 options:Neither A nor BKerberosBoth A and BPublic key infrastructure (PKI)Question 4 (1 point)ÿIn a path traversal attack, the attacker commonly uses __________ to navigate the directory tree to access files in other directories.Question 4 options:Boolean BooleancharactersWindows ExplorerNone of the aboveQuestion 5 (1 point)ÿData processing converts __________.Question 5 options:conclusions into factsfacts into conclusionsinformation into datadata into informationQuestion 6 (1 point)ÿ___________ involves protecting sensitive data through encryption.Question 6 options:Insecure cryptographic storageFailure to restrict URL accessBroken authentication and session managementInsecure communicationsQuestion 7 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following is NOT a form of social engineering?Question 7 options:Dumpster divingShoulder surfingPhishingRansomwareQuestion 8 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following is a type of hacker?Question 8 options:Social engineerCISSPTrojan horseMan-in-the-middleQuestion 9 (1 point)ÿAlthough manually operated, what was one of the first complex data processing devices?Question 9 options:The Analytical EngineThe punch card tabulating systemThe Difference EngineThe abacusQuestion 10 (1 point)ÿWhat uses Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) to create secure data transmissions?Question 10 options:XSSIPSecDNSSSLQuestion 11 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following is not a common phase of customer life cycle management?Question 11 options:RetentionInceptionConversionAcquisitionQuestion 12 (1 point)ÿYour company has several small branch offices spread throughout the state. Which of the following is the best choice to help branch office personnel meet and work on projects without incurring the cost of traveling?Question 12 options:Social mediaAudio conferencingVoIPUnified collaborative communications (UCC)Question 13 (1 point)ÿWhich security tenet emphasizes the need for the information to be delivered unaltered to the recipient?Question 13 options:IntegrityAuthorizationConfidentialityAvailabilityQuestion 14 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following helps to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data communications?Question 14 options:DNSIPSecTCP/IPSNMPQuestion 15 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers?Question 15 options:Perimeter defenseProxy serverDMZFirewallQuestion 16 (1 point)ÿSoftware that executes on two or more computers in a network is a ___________ application.Question 16 options:client/serverMainframeDistributedPeer to peerQuestion 17 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following best describes a cookie?Question 17 options:A small data file that a Web site may write to your hard driveA small software program that is stored on a piece of hardware and may be updated to add more functionalityA type of shopping cartA type of short-range communication networkQuestion 18 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following is a physical or logical subnetwork that hosts an organization?s external services to an outside network, such as the Internet?Question 18 options:Proxy serverPerimeter defenseDMZFirewallQuestion 19 (1 point)ÿWhich of the following techniques would help a Web application to properly validate user input?Question 19 options:Using SSL for all user inputWhitelisting and accepting only known good charactersBlacklisting unknown IP addressesCleansing all data in the databaseQuestion 20 (1 point)ÿThe buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet is commonly referred to as __________.Question 20 options:social purchasingbrick and mortar salesnetwork commercee-commerce

COM545 Module 4 Midterm Exam Latest 2017 (A+++++)


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