comment anastashia

comment anastashia. I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 120-150 WORDSPersonal affiliations and networking are important for nurses in leadership positions. Research shows that nurses occupying leadership roles share the same challenges and, therefore, learning from one another can be significant in advancing the services offered by the health care facility (Huber, 2014). Some of the restrictions to the delivery of quality health care services have been solved by nurses exploiting the existing networks and affiliations. The world has become a global village and hence the need for nurses in leadership positions to exploit the vast network of information to gain more knowledge.Leaders who have exploited the existing networks have been able to advance their careers while at the same time improving the quality of health care services offered at the facility they serve. According to Huber (2014), personal affiliations and networks enable leaders in nursing to acquire new information thus, commanding a competitive edge out of the new information. With leaders operating in the same field and sharing information,Szumlas (2013) observed that new evidence-based practices have been shared across this platform. The use of personal affiliations and networks exposes leaders to open positions in the job market, with each new position occupied, the nurse leaders is able to move up the ladder in the employment circles.ReferencesHuber, D. (2014).ÿLeadership and Nursing Care Management – E-Book. London: Saunders.Szumlas, S. (2013). Leveraging Staff Nurse Engagement to Design Effective Patient Care Assignments.ÿNurse Leader,ÿ11(2), 46-49.

comment anastashia


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