COMMENT REGINA. I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 150-200 WORDSAs per (2017). experimental research is done in a lab and is able to manipulate the predictor variable and subjects to identify a cause and effect relationship. ÿAn example of experimental research is done with two groups an experiment group and a placebo group which has high level of control and variability. ÿWith experimental research the variable has to be able to change. ÿGender cannot be a variable with experimental research.ÿNon experimental research cannot control, manipulate or alter the predictive variable or subjects. ÿIt relies on observation, interpretation or interaction to come to a conclusion. ÿThis means non experimental research relies on surveys, correlation and case studies. ÿAn example of non experimentalÿresearch is the question how compassionate are men and women? ÿGender cannot be used in experimental research. ÿIn experimental research there is a high level of control and in non experimental research there is a low level of control but you can have a larger amount in the study compared to experimental. Non experimental research has a lot of disadvantages. ÿIt cannot find a cause an effect relationship and cannot manipulate predictor variables (Burns, et al, 2015). ÿIt’s important to know the difference between experimental and non experimental research.ÿReferencesBurns, N., Gray, J., Grove, S., (2015). Understanding Nursing Research: building an evidence-based practice (6st ed). ÿ Retrieved from VitalSource Bookshelf (2017). Non-Experimental and Experimental Research: Differences, Advantages & Disadvantages. Retrieved from



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