community policing/complete assignment

community policing/complete assignment. Topic Summary:1.Describe what is meant by the phrases “Level 5 Leader”, “having the right people in the right seats on the bus”, and “moments of truth” in terms of their application to COPPS. Respond in no less than 200 words.Analysis:2.Describe the four methods for overcoming the problem of finding time for problem solving while still handling calls effectively. Respond in no less than 200 words.Analysis:ÿ3. What have COPPS efforts done to meet the challenges posed by open-air drug markets? Describe what efforts have generally been successful and which have not. Respond in no less than 150 words.4.Describe what types of COPPS efforts are being directed toward the identification, prevention, and suppression of gangs. Respond in no less than 200 words.5.Review the characteristics of a good problem-oriented supervisor. Imagine you are the Chief Deputy in a county sheriff’s office. In keeping with your agency’s overall commitment to the COPPS philosophy, you have been tasked with choosing a first line supervisor to lead a unit of officers that will attempt to curb the growing problem of violent teen crime in your county. Develop five interview questions consistent with COPPS principles to be asked of the candidates for this supervisory position and the key points you would be looking for in the candidate’s answers.

community policing/complete assignment


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