Could you do a biology assignment?

Could you do a biology assignment?. Please read the whole instructions. And please make sure there is no blagirism becuase the prof will submit it to turn it in.Extra Credit Question:Choose one (just one) of the topics presented below and write a brief essay that summarizes the article or video, and discuss how it relates to the concepts discussed in class. Include your own thoughts about the topic, and back up your opinions with examples from the link, from your textbook, and/or from other pertinent sources. Discuss how at least one of the concepts studied is present or related to the topic you chose.CRITICAL THINKING ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC ? Exam 4 & Final ? 26 pointsContent(6 point) Article summary is complete and relevant(4 point) Personal opinion is provided(4 points) Opinion is supported with examples and details(4 points) Concepts and information from both references are discussed together (similarities or discrepancies are pointed in the discussion)Length(2 point) 300-500 wordsMechanics(2 point) Spelling/Grammar/PunctuationReference(s)(1 point) Only one reference is providedor(2 points) Only one reference is provided and properly formattedor(4 points) At least 2 references are provided and properly formattedTOPICSCops are asking and 23andMe for their customers? DNA Genetic Mutation That Can Affect Mental & Physical Health’s a GMO? Jimmy Kimmel Live (Radiolab Podcast) Cells Reverse Cancer in Baby Girl Truth about Genetically Modified Food, part-pig embryos created by scientists to grow human organs in pigs–scientists-grow-organ-transplants/85506798/You can use the video and/or the articles to discuss the relationship between infectious diseases and either nutrition or vaccines, you could,e.g., relate at least one aspect of the Nigeria crisis to concepts we discussed in class (e.g., RUTF, essential nutrients, macronutrients, vaccine importance, herd immunity, etc.). and Calory intake: are they related? Maybe.

Could you do a biology assignment?


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