Course Project – Management GM

Course Project – Management GM. Please do a case analysis using the orientation bellow, must find a case involving GENERAL MOTORS, can not be other company.Follow instruction bellow:Locate a case using Find Law or another research tool and obtain legal research on the selected case. Your team should also research the circumstances surrounding the case (i.e. the other party, any news that may have been created or any other pertinent information).Topic:ÿContracts, Real Property or Intellectual Property issuesRead and understand the case or question assigned. Show your Analysis and Reasoning and make it clear you understand the material. Be sure to incorporate the concepts of the chapter we are studying to show your reasoning. Dedicate at least one heading to each following outline topic:Partiesÿ[Identify the plaintiff and the defendant]Factsÿ[Summarize only those facts critical to the outcome of the case]Procedureÿ[Who brought the appeal? What was the outcome in the lower court(s)?]Issueÿ[Note the central question or questions on which the case turns]Explain the applicable law(s). Use the textbook here. The law should come from the same chapter as the case. Be sure to use citations from the textbook including page numbers.Holdingÿ[How did the court resolve the issue(s)? Who won?]Reasoningÿ[Explain the logic that supported the court’s decision]ÿDo significant research outside of the book and demonstrate that you have in a very obvious way. This refers to research beyond the legal research. This involves something about the parties or other interesting related area. Show something you have discovered about the case, parties or other important element from your own research. Be sure this is obvious and adds value beyond the legal reasoning of the case.Dedicate 1 slide to each of the case question(s) immediately following the case, if there are any. Be sure to state and fully answer the questions in the presentation.Quality in terms of substance, form, grammar and context. Be entertaining! Use excellent audio-visual material and backgrounds!Wrap up with a Conclusion slide. This should summarize the key aspects of the decision and also your recommendations on the court’s ruling.Include citations on the slides and a reference slide with your sources. Use APA style citations and references.

Course Project – Management GM


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