cpan. Big Data Datacenter was impressed with your previous examples of system commands and is now looking at the project from a more strategic approach. The team is looking at you to show the big picture and explain how everything will work together. The requirement is an analysis on the following:Identify modules from CPAN that can support a graphical user interface (GUI), network protocol, and database adapters. In your analysis, demonstrate how these modules will make interacting with the system more human-friendly in support of maintaining servers in the data center.Describe how you will practically interact with CPAN to install the modules that you have identified.Provide the syntax to create your own custom module that lends itself to being reused. Because the company is focused on managing servers, you might consider a module based on the following examples, but you are free to create your own:Executes system commands to retrieve system metrics like CPU utilizationReads information from a flat file and then inserts into a databaseConnects to a database and retrieves reporting information



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