Create an HR Strategic Plan

Create an HR Strategic Plan. ObjectivesExplain the importance of a strategy-oriented HR systemOutline the steps in the strategic management processExplain the steps in the HR Scorecard approach to creating HR systemsAssignment OverviewThis assignment identifies the relationship between an organization s strategic plan and the HR strategic plan.DeliverablesA two- to three-page (500- to 750-word) paper, double-spaced with 12 point Arial fontÿÿStep 1ÿRead through the following scenario.Consider a medium-sized IT organization that faces intense competition. Two of the organization s goals derived from its strategic plan are as follows:To increase the sales of the company software productsTo hire 50 more workers during the calendar yearStep 2ÿExamine the two strategic goals.Determine if the goals are directly or indirectly linked to HR functions. Create a draft HR strategic plan using the steps outlined in the text and the organization s strategic goals. Include the HR strategy in the plan. Include a description of how creating the HR strategic plan enables the organization to achieve its mission and strategic goals.

Create an HR Strategic Plan


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