CSR slide show

CSR slide show. There are many reasons why companies become more socially responsible, not the least of which is the competitive advantage gained by being noted for CSR actions.Instructions:Choose one of Forbes? ?10 Most Admired Companies? and read the company?s annual CSR report.ÿÿ1.Decide whether or not the company is following exemplary CSR practices, and devise and defend a plan that you, as a manager, could implement to bring it in line with the highest CSR principles.2.Why is a CSR program important? (Hint: remember that you are trying to convince your management group to support a CSR program.)Requirements:?Your presentation should include 10-12 slides, not counting the required title and reference slides.?You may use PowerPoint?Include good design elements in your presentation; in other words, do not just submit slides with text only.?Include at least three scholarly sources that are not required or recommended readings for this course.?Your presentation, including all citations and references, must be formatted according to APA.

CSR slide show


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