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cume on. This week, you are tasked to write your R‚sum‚ and an Application Letter targeted toward a position of your choice where your skills, education and work experience would be relevant. ÿI am a Lieutenant of Corrections. I have 20 years experience, started with the texas department of criminal justice in 1997 of Novÿand I am 49 years old. I have a asscioate degree in criminal justice. …..//.garduated high school in 1987…… make up the restThis resume may or may not be relevant to your mock business. ÿThe goal here is to create a resume that will showcase your talents and be useful outside of this class.Writing a quality r‚sum‚ and accompanying application letter is a process of self-reflection and self-promotion. You need to accurately represent yourself, celebrate your accomplishments, and demonstrate your abilities and experience, but you do not want to oversell yourself.This assignment has two parts:Part 1:Using either the Functional or Chronological R‚sum‚ format from our textbook, craft your r‚sum‚.Part 2:Then, write a letter of application using the format in our textbook.Once you have completed these documents, combine them into a single document with your letter first and your r‚sum‚ second, and submit this single document to the week four drop box.

cume on


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