Cybersecurity Questions

Cybersecurity Questions. In 2-3 brief paragraphs, discuss the pros and cons of FISMA.ÿA. Describe and discuss the objectives of policy-makersB. Describe and discuss the general problems that limit the effectiveness of documents that try to govern Cybersecurity.C. Discuss ideas that there are for improving national security in light of these issues?Need Two scholarly references in APA 6th Edition.FISMA implementationA. If you are (or were) working for a federal government agency, discuss how well does (or did) your workplace follow FISMA and categorize assets based on FIPS199?B. Who is responsible for following FIPS 200 and SP800-53 recommendations?C. Discuss how well have they been implemented?Need Two scholarly references in APA 6th Edition. Adherence to FISMA and NIST RecommendationsState whether you agree or disagree with the following statement and explain your reasoning: “Not all federal agencies need to follow FISMA or NIST recommendations for maintaining cybersecurity. After all, if the cyber-infrastructure of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is attacked, no real harm is done to anyone except the complainants.”Need Two scholarly references in APA 6th Edition.

Cybersecurity Questions


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