Daisy Arabella

Daisy Arabella. Assessing your CompetenceComplete the assigned readings and then answer each of the following questions completely and thoroughly. In what ways do you see yourself being particularly competent as a counselor? If you feel that you are not currently competent, what different courses of action could you take? What do you believe are your existing blind spots? Explain how you might deal with these blind spots. What multicultural and ethical aspects need to be considered in making decisions about competencies? Post should be at least 300 words.ÿMulticultural IssuesAfter reading the Patterson article listed in this week?s assigned readings, describe in your own words three of the five problems inherent in being a technique-driven counselor in a multicultural setting. In addition, briefly discuss what Patterson means when he suggests that the solution to these problems is found in counselors becoming humanized. Post should be at least 300 words. ÿPlease put at least 1 citing in each discussion and 2-References each. Thank you!

Daisy Arabella


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