dance paper

dance paper. Content: Performance to analyze; attend as an audience member; describe and analyze using the 4 guidelines to dance analysis? wheel. Please plan early to attend a dance concert or eventduring the quarter. Suggestions will be posted on the iLearn site, but it is your responsibility to locate a dance concert and arrange to attend it.Format: 1pg ? Times 11 ? 1 inch margins ? 1.5 spaced ? 5 paragraph essay style – Title ? Ticket/Program – Name & Section in small header ? Thick Description – Mla or Chicago Citation style ? Separate Reference/Bibliography pageÿPlease find a dance performance going on from this weekend only in Los Angeles area and write about it. You can make it up but it has to be written in 4 guideline to dance analysis and thick description. Example attachedDance performance:ÿ

dance paper


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