DBart. Select 1 work of art from the following links. Copy the image directly to the DB area, and add the artist?s name, title of the artwork, materials used, and the year created.Quilts of Gee’s Bend3-D Street ArtMuseum of Computer ArtLascaux Cave PaintingsResearch the selected work of art using the textbook, intellipath materials, course materials, the Internet, the MUSE, and the library for assistance.ÿRespond to the following:Describe the design principle used to create the art.ÿÿWhat is the focal point? How did the artist create that specific focal point of the work ofÿart that grabs your immediate attention?ÿÿWhat kind of balance is used: asymmetrical, symmetrical, or radial?ÿÿHow is unity or harmony achieved (color, proximity, rhythm,ÿrepetition)? Explain why.



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