disc 2/wk 2

disc 2/wk 2. Controversies Associated With Changing Diagnostic Criteria In this discussion you will be evaluating contributions of psychological research in the applied context of the DSM-5. To begin, read the DSM-5 section entitled, ?Conditions for Further Study? (Section III of the DSM-5) and the article titledÿÿ?An Overview of the DSM-5: Changes,Controversy, and Implications for Psychiatric Nursing.?ÿ Then, address the following points in your post:What are three controversies discussed in the Halter, Rolin-Kenny, & Dzurec (2013) article? Give your opinions about these controversies.ÿ From your point view, are these legitimate concerns? Why or why not?Name a disorder identified as requiring significantly more research and study from the DSM-5 section entitled, ?Conditions for Further Study? (Section III of the DSM-5). Construct a research question that is pertinent to the disorder you selected.Briefly outline a research method that could be used to investigate the disorder based on one of the research methods presented in your textbook.

disc 2/wk 2


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