discussion board 2

discussion board 2. Please read “Sentencing In The United States” by Lawrence F. Travis III beginning on page 47 of your Latessa/Holsinger text. Discuss with your peers the following questions. While you are welcome to provide a reflection to the reading as well, your response should in some way speak to the questions below.1) According to your text, certainty is the most important condition of deterrence. Why? Do you agree or disagree? Explain.2) Considering what you have read, should we punish offenders for crimes not yet committed though it is predicted they will commit a new crime? Explain.3) Finally, discuss a potential benefit to sentencing disparity.Your initial post should be provided by Day 3 (Wednesday). All peer posts should be provided by Day 7 (Sunday). You should respond to at least one peer. Don’t forget to include in-text citations and references! Engage in conversation!

discussion board 2


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